Take A Moment – Take A Few Steps And Discover Yourself!

Are you a mother of two with a busy life ? Are you a working woman in her 20s … busy with the pressures of a career, a new relationship maybe … how much time do you take for yourself ? Do you give yourself adequate time to refresh, rejuvenate and replenish from the demands of the relationships around you?

As women, we are expected to fulfill several roles. A mother, wife, daughter, friend, confidante, boss, coworker, girlfriend… the list goes on. Notice carefully, each role has it’s own place and time.

You cannot be the best loving mother while you work on a deadline for the next day, you cannot be the most devoted and caring wife while you deal with pressures from your business or work… we all try and we all do our best. A small piece here and a bit of us there… we spread our time, love and attention to the plethora of spaces in our life that need our attention.


Amidst all of this, we eventually forget about our own aspirations, hobbies and dreams. The beautiful dreams that we spun like magic yarn playing house when we were living with mom & dad. The aspirations of doing that special project at some point in our lives.

It’s sacrificing the spa at times or maybe just that routine weekend call to your best friend… in return for time with your loved ones at home.

The truth is that you are simply burning up your inner resources without truly replenishing them. The truth is that you are giving to the relationships around you without really listening to your inner self. Women are emotional and spiritual creatures in need of love, warmth, care and even pampering. As we wear our tough look and wrap those robes of worldly pursuits around our fragile and delicate hearts… we may sometimes suppress that inner little girl somewhere.

As you walk on in life… as you go about spreading joy and love to those around you, take a moment… for yourself. Look back. Are you where you dreamed you would be ? Are you missing something ? Now is the time to re-discover, re-define and re-invent ourselves.

1. Write down the top 10 things that you love to do

2. Put a check mark against the ones that are already a part of your life

3. For the ones missing a check mark, ask yourself, why aren’t you doing the things you love ?

4. Write down 1 action that you can take to get started

5. Get Started and complete those actions in 24hours


If something seems amiss… let’s seek it out and fulfill the dream that the inner child within you had. If you feel exhausted, you are! Take some time and replenish your emotional and physical reserves.

As you move ahead… remember, it’s really simple to take just a few moments to yourself. Discover yourself and then continue this journey!

Until next time, love yourself and live it up!


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5 thoughts on “Take A Moment – Take A Few Steps And Discover Yourself!

  1. Bhargav says:

    very nice and inspiring, at times its really difficult to cop up but the need is to Resurrect our own self…

    read LEMON if time permits

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  3. sharizat says:

    this is very true and inspiring… every now and again i write down my wishes and thoughts as of not to get disconnected from myself while caring for others. they say “treat others as you would treat yourself” and i think reverse version would be fair, too: “treat yourself as you would treat others”. have a great day!


    • Love that thought Sharizat :) “treat yourself as you would treat others”… happy pampering and here’s to someone wonderful me-time :)

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